Meet the Hosted Voice Providers

We have selected the best providers from among the 2100 Hosted VoIP and bandwidth providers nationwide.

Zultys Cloud Solutions

Originally founded in 2001, Zultys was a pioneer in voice over IP technology, being one of the first companies to deliver a truly SIP-based PBX to the market. Despite the market’s slow adoption of SIP, the vision for Zultys to create and deliver a truly innovative IP Communications System burned brightly. The company continued to grow while massive investments into research and development drove a singular focus to design and build the best, most reliable, innovative and efficient IP PBX available to small and medium-sized businesses.

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Broadview Networks

Broadview Networks is the premier information technology and communications partner for businesses across the country. Founded in 1996, Broadview has grown from a regional telecom company to a national provider of cloud-based solutions, linking traditional technologies with next-gen services to deliver a complete portfolio of voice, data and Internet services.

SNET Communications

Founded in 2006, S-Net Communications is well known as the local and reliable telecom partner for small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area. With a unique foundation, the value and service it provides customers is even more exceptional. As it began with the goal of providing SMB customers with a reliable solution for their telecom needs, S-Net Communications has grown from a small market player to a major name that is defined by high-quality customer service and precise attention to detail.