On Premise Phone Systems

There are a lot of reasons why you would want an on premise telephone system. We can discuss the total cost of ownership with you and make sure that we can find a correctly calculated reason that makes business sense.

As opposed to the previous world of analog and digital telephone systems, the new world of on premise phone systems has taken a page out of the computer industry. In the past, software was released only when there were features or developments that came from the phone company (Caller ID and PRI circuits come to mind). Now, however, software is released with bugs, patches and updates on a regular basis. We believe in working in a partnership with our clients for managing patches and upgrades.

We have found two companies that share our vision- Allworx and Zultys. Through our association with Technology Assurance Group (TAG), we are able to offer both of these systems in an on premise completely managed program that does not require a capital expense on your end. We call it “Prime Simple”. It is simply the best way to acquire new technology because it removes the two inherent dangers: unexpected expense and obsolescence.

There are lots of systems in the marketplace today. We know that it can be confusing. In order to simplify the process, Prime uses a detailed approach to determining the best solution that fits your needs. This is based on our expertise of over 23 years in helping Chicago businesses successfully install phone systems.  After meeting with you, we develop a complete customized Project Overview that takes into account all of your preferences and helps you to clarify your needs and wants. We will then show you a demo of how your phones would work, the features that you want and the analyze all of the costs involved.

Think of your decision as the logical conclusion to a well though out process.


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