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Since unified communications (UC) solutions are cloud-based, the actual brains behind the systems are in the backend online management platforms or, as most refer to them as, online portals. When it comes to your ability to remain agile, mobile and productive, the interface you use holds all the power. Here […]

If you like cloud phones, you’ll love the portal

Chicago cloud phone
If your business is considering upgrading its phone system in 2016, then you should start doing your research now to narrow down a list of possible phone providers. Once you have the top contenders identified, here is a checklist of business phone system “Wish List” items to compare them against. […]

10 Features You Wish Your Phone System Had

How do you talk on the phone?
  Phone calls are an essential, everyday aspect of modern day business proceedings.  Whether you’re in sales reaching out to potential leads or an account manager checking in to keep a client happy, you spend a significant amount of time on the phone. Even with this regularity, most people have […]

What Kind of Phone Talker are You?

Look your best on video conference call
  At most companies, face-to-face meetings are preferred. But as technology gets more sophisticated, more and more people are working remotely, and that means video conference meetings are becoming increasingly popular. Even more nerve-wracking? The video conference interview. It should be common sense that you don’t want to take a […]

Look Your Best on that Video Conference!

Streamline Sales
It’s remarkable how many companies ignore common opportunities to earn a little good will from their customers. One thing that’s commonly ignored altogether, or at least taken for granted, is a frustration-free telephone system. If your business relies heavily on customer interaction, particularly for sales, then you owe it to […]

How to Streamline Your Sales with a Cloud Phone System

What does your on hold message do
Let’s face it, the word “love” isn’t typically the first word you hear people use to describe their business’ phone system, but with the advanced functionality that cloud-based systems can deliver, it should be. The quality and efficiency of your communications with your customers and your team is key to […]

Fall in Love with Your Business Phone System

Technology Management
Say the words “technology management”, and some people have a look of puzzlement on their faces – they have no idea what the term means.  Basically, technology management follows the same course as other strategies applied in the workplace in order to further the success and sustainability of a company […]

Say the words “technology management”