What Kind of Phone Talker are You?


Phone calls are an essential, everyday aspect of modern day business proceedings.  Whether you’re in sales reaching out to potential leads or an account manager checking in to keep a client happy, you spend a significant amount of time on the phone. Even with this regularity, most people have creative ways to stay calm and speed up the passing of time while on a call.

You can probably picture someone pacing back and forth around their office, too anxious to sit in one spot during the entirety of the conversation.  Maybe you’re picturing the sales guy down the hall whose office looks like Sports Authority as he always seems to be swinging a bat or bouncing a ball while closing a deal.  Maybe your business is lucky enough to have a cloud-based phone system and your co-workers can even take their quirky style on the road, keeping clients happy from their child’s soccer game or the Starbucks down the street.

For fun, we’ve put together a list of common ways that people behave (whether consciously or subconsciously) while they’re on the phone.  Find out what kind of Phone Talker you are!